Foundations of Crystals

In this workshop we explore how to connect with crystals and what they have to teach us.  We learn about the foundations to what makes  a crystal connection the most effective.We give an overview of the chakra system and how crystals relate to it. We address the common imbalances that arise and crystals for working to correct these imbalances.  We have 3 different healing layouts for participants to choose from:  Clearing,  Relaxing, and Ascending. 

Heart- Opening

The heart is the most important chakra or energy system in the body; it is responsible for balancing spiritual and earth energies.  We learn what it means to open the heart and what that can do for your spiritual journey. Come learn about why the heart is important, heart chakra, and what crystals can help facilitate this.  We will explain what it means to balance the heart and what common issues are related to an imbalanced heart chakra.  We have created 3 special crystal layouts to help everyone open their hearts and feel the unlimited power that we all have in our being.

3rd eye opening

One of the most enamored of the bodies energies, the 3rd eye. In this workshop we will uncover the mysteries of this energy. This energy is responsible for our ability to be clairvoyant and is the seat of our higher intuition and wisdom.  We will discuss the ways in which we can access this energy and what exactly the 3rd eye is responsible for.  We will then go over which crystals are the most powerful for opening the 3rd eye.  Followed by a crystal meditation in which we will get to choose which 3rd eye crystals we would like to experience.