After years of mastering Lucid Dreaming Joseph was gifted with the wisdom of Ascension through an out of body experience.  "As my 3rd eye pulsed divine indigo waves I knew I was now connected to the freedom we all are seeking"

The level of progression in the first year after the Out of body experience was nothing short of a roller coaster of rapid spiritual evolution.  The transmissions, downloads, and integration of experiences was so staggering that I felt like I was gaining new IQ points everyday.  My perception was growing to the point of feeling like I had brand new sensory to experience the earth every after each meditation or extra sensory experience.  This was eventually subside as the years went by. 

During this time frame I began extensively using crystals to help facilitate my growth.  The crystalline energy was crucial for the speed at which I was able to expand.  Every night was experimenting with different combinations of crystals and seeing how they made me feel.  Then came the crystal that I would forever recognize as the most powerful spiritual catalyst; Moldavite.

Moldavite played a pivotal role in my process for understanding and teaching about crystalline energy.  In my opinion there's no stronger crystal to work with that can help activate spiritual frequencies in the body.  It vibrates at such a high level that even individuals with no crystal connection experience can begin to sense its power.

As my crystal knowledge was expanding I was beginning to let go of my training in Reiki for my new blossoming style of healing.  This new intuitive sense took over quite quickly and I began to make more sense of the concepts of ones polarity, how it relates to our service of others, and lastly, how it affects our connection with another.  Mastering what it means to be in service is the key to accessing our true power towards an ascended harmonic being.  The concept of service was now the backbone of my everyday behavior. 

Another powerful dynamic was occurring at this time as well.  I was now becoming aware that my healing practice was now becoming a lifestyle in which everything I do is centered around purity, personal growth, and the ability to provide the most effective catalyst I could for individuals I worked with.




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