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During these sessions Joseph will connect to you and transfer his divine connection. Through this connection the recipient will be able to have their energy cleared, realigned, and activated. Without the physical body to interfere, one might find that a remote connection allows them to truly unwind their emotions and energy in a safe and secure way. One may benefit from a distance connection to help them overcome a mental or emotional obstacle, or if they have become overly stressed and need to have their energy restored.

During these connections, Joseph has the ability to truly let go of his physical body and fully assimilate the spiritual force. Through the opening of Joseph’s third eye he has the ability to merge his consciousness with the recipient and assist in a thorough and significant way. Many individuals experience feeling lighter, having deep restful sleep, and receiving visions, or other extra sensory stimulus to guide them on their inner journey.

For those who are already deep in their spiritual journey, Joseph has more technical skills to help restructure multidimensional aspects of shadow energy stemming from past lives, missing soul pieces, or entity releasement. Like a hard to reach scratch, overcoming these issues allows one to progress towards their next energetic alignment. At times, these issues can put a ceiling on to all growth until these crucial energetic priorities become fulfilled. Joseph has the skillset, wisdom, and discipline to be able to reconnect these aspects back to the harmonic center of awareness.

Before each session, Joseph has his own daily practice and ritual to prepare his own energy to be of service. Yoga, breath work, clearing his own energy, and establishing a clean connection to his guides which allows for a fluid connection to each recipient. This is done before each session in a ceremonious light.

Remote Healing is a true and recognized form of healing and energy work. We encourage you to connect with Joseph today. You can email him for scheduling through Josephadamshealing @