The art of dreaming is something I have been practicing since my early 20's when I discovered the concept from a book. I began teaching my self how to become aware and maintain levels of control in the dreaming state. After years of practice and experience I wish to explain what I have learned from this journey and how to teach others to achieve these experiences.
I wish to convey the concepts and dynamics of not only how to increase the frequency of achieving a lucid dream but to also maintain lucidity and also understand where the energetic mind is going. Discover what this experience is trying to show us and how can we utilize this ability for our everyday life.

The process of lucid dreaming can be a powerful ally to expanding our awareness of life beyond the physical. This workshop we will discuss techniques and practices while learning about the dynamics of non physical reality (The dream space). At the end of the workshop we will do a meditation to help achieve clarity to set our intentions to become lucid while dreaming.