Healing through your Ascension process:

Healing through your Ascension process:

After 7 years of conscious lucid dreaming practice, Joseph had an out of body experience that would secure his understanding of the awakening process we are participating in.  Through countless hours of self introspection, integrating the shadow self, and utilizing proper catalysts for growth, Joseph has merged with the soul's essence. As a result of these divine experiences, Joseph has developed extra sensory abilities that put him in a rare position of service. When healing, he has a deep power to secure divine frequencies and ground them while accessing inner knowing that is beyond rational understanding. He knows exactly what needs to be aligned, restructured, or cleared in the energetic body. Most importantly, he has the ability to transfer high frequency energy into this dimension, which is crucial for a person's connection to their higher power.


private session

Each private session is 90 min long. This includes 1 hour of healing and 30 minutes of discussion and feedback.  These sessions can help restore balance, clear stagnant energy, and realign energy centers.  



Joseph can connect to any form of benevolent energy and fully ground and transfer this energy to the recipient.  This form of channeling is experienced through feeling and the senses. It is a full body experience and practical for those learning to make connections to higher forms of consciousness.  


Private mentorship

Private mentorship is for those who wish to have private teaching for a specific concept or spiritual theme.  This includes advanced healing practices, healer development, advanced crystal utilization, self healing techniques, and ascension techniques.