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Interfusion Festival: Foundations of Crystals & Lucid Dreaming Protocol and Mini healing sessions

  • 1700 old jefferson davis highway arlington va (map)

I am so excited for this exciting weekend. I will be teaching 2 classes this weekend, Foundations of crystals and Lucid Dreaming protocol.

I will also be doing mini-sessions the whole weekend for those interested in experiencing my work.

This will be such a transformative weekend for those who want to attend. An amazing variety of dance classes, yoga, healing arts, and so much more. Everyone always has the best time coming back from this show.

I will doing the Lucid dreaming protocol at 9am Friday morning in Studio 2.

Joseph Adams has over a decade of experience in learning, teaching, and practicing lucid dreaming. The art of lucid dreaming is a practice of becoming conscious and in control of your dreaming state. Learn what it takes to bridge the gap of consciousness between the two worlds. Becoming lucid in the dreaming state has more to do with what you are doing when conscious in waking reality. We will go over specific steps to take to increase our ability to lucid dream as well as understanding what exactly is happening to our awareness when dreaming.

After the informative section, we will participate in an interactive practice to help train our awareness to become present. Through use of guided instruction, sound, and meditation we will begin to train our awareness to break through to the lucid dreaming state.

Foundations of crystals: Sunday at 12:30pm in the Skyview studio.

Foundations of crystals: In this workshop we will begin to explore the power of crystal consciousness. Once we begin to understand the dynamics of connection, intention, and focus: connecting with crystals becomes more intuitive, meaningful, and effective. We will learn concepts that allow for the highest energies to work through us. In addition, we will go over the fundamentals of clearing, charging, and programming.

Following the lecture, we will get to experience a group crystal mediation. All participants will lay down and have a specific combination of crystals laid on their bodies to help align, activate, and clear energy. This interactive meditation will bring together all participants under Interfusion’s intention of evolution which will be catalyzed by our unique crystal layout. This meditation will also feature a wind gong and unique crystal infused sound bowls to compliment our inner journeys.

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