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Reiki 2

Joseph Adams is an established, gifted intuitive, who will teach us the next level of Reiki. The 2nd attunment of Reiki will assist us in delivering this energy to remote recipients, increases emotional healing, and understanding the subtle bodies in our auric field. We will receive two new symbols to work with.
Students will receive the attunment, engage in an interactive activity to experience sending and receiving energy from a group. Ending the class in a group healing to practice our new techniques. Each student will receive a signed certificate of completion.

"Joseph Adams is a gifted healer who understands the fundamentals that allow healing to take place. There are constructs built in to our dimension that allow our energy body to evolve while giving us opportunity to become catalyst for others to develop. Understanding these principles is what allows Joseph to have his continued success in understanding the concepts of not only energy healing but how our mind evolves."

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