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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I schedule my time with Joseph Adams? 

You can use online booking or by sending an email.

How long is each session?

A standard session is 90 minutes.  This includes 1 hour of healing followed by approximately 30 minutes of intuitive feedback from the session.  This time is for direction, guidance, and recommendations for continuing growth. 

Sessions can also be scheduled for longer depending on the needs of the individual. 

Where does the session take place?

The session takes place just outside of Northern Virginia, in Centreville. Remote sessions can also be scheduled as well.

How can I prepare for the session?

It is recommended that you limit heavy foods and caffeine prior to the session.  Some individuals may be called to cleanse, fast, and even prepare in other stricter ways before their session.  All is acceptable and follow your inner guidance. If there are any other questions please feel free to email. 

What can one feel during a session?

Every session is designed for the highest outcome for each individual.  With that in mind, each experience will be catered to the individuals needs in their life's direction.  Some times this may include powerful sensations of being cleared, unwinding traumas from the past, or even expanding consciousness.  I have personally seen just about every emotion be released from a private session.  Its crucial to note, there is nothing to be fearful of when receiving energy and that every experience is designed for their highest outcome.