Lucid Dreaming and My Spiritual Awakening

Many know me for my healing gifts and techniques, workshops, work with crystals, and lectures. Before I developed these abilities, I had an initial interest in lucid dreaming, which led me to my spiritual awakening.  This is the story of my awakening and a few memorable experiences that propelled me on my path. 

My spiritual awakening was spectacular like the finale of a fireworks show; a large release of pressure from my forehead followed by pulses of rhythmic geometric indigo waves. As I followed these waves I began my first out of body experience. Leading up to this moment, I had taken approximately a year and a half off from my lucid dreaming practices, which at the time, were my only association to spiritual growth. In my early 20's, I began teaching myself the art of lucid dreaming after reading a book by the author, Carlos Castaneda. I systematically followed the prescription he gave to becoming lucid in the dream state. It was a slow beginning but after a few years of practice I began developing adequate control and lucidity in the dream state. Before I knew it I could fly on command, change the dream scenery, make objects levitate, and manifest objects with the power of my will. This consequently lead me to the deeper dynamics of my understanding of life and reality.


During the peak of my lucid dreaming abilities I was approximately 26 years old and was having a lucid dream once or twice a week while also maintaining vivid dreams every night. Many of my lucid dreams occurred after I had woken up and went back to bed. One experience in particular was very powerful and I still think about to this day. I had gotten up to use the restroom and then went back to bed immediately and was propelled into a lucid dream. There was no lapse of consciousness from closing my eyes to transitioning into the dream state. I remember going through a vortex almost as if I was catapulted through a wormhole at lightspeed. As I was in the dream state I went through three long cycles of dream experiences, which ended up being the emotional equivalent to my experiences I would have many years later in waking reality. During this lucid dream I felt I was locked in to lucidity and there was no way to fallout of this conscious state. Towards the end of the dream I was adamantly trying to exit the dreamscape. Such an enormous amount of time had gone by I started to question my physical body's well-being. My body could have desperately needed my awareness to return but I felt far removed from being anywhere close to waking reality. I exited the dream by trying to jump off of a structure to induce some form of adrenaline, which usually would end a dream in normal dreaming circumstances. When I woke up from this dream I checked the time, I had been in the dream for 90 minutes, approximately one full sleep cycle. Many of my lucid dreaming experiences seemed like minutes let alone an entire sleep cycle. It felt like two months had gone by when I was finally up and moving around, needless to say, I took a small reprieve from my dreaming practices to integrate an experience so extensive.


My most memorable dreaming experience came approximately a year and a half later. I had been developing a list of goals I wished to accomplish in the dreamscape. Some were as simple as flying off a cliff, experiencing unconditional love, or moving objects with my mind.  The one goal I eagerly wished to accomplish in my dreaming practices was to go see another world. This task eluded me for some time but I was confident I would complete it. Many times when you become lucid you only have brief moments to use your normal thought process to announce your intention. During this particular dream, I remembered to announce my intention to the dreamscape. I had been flying through this mountainous coastline and came upon a cabin. I landed in the cabin and found myself sitting on the floor listening to an old man talk to me about lessons and wisdom of life. The only thing I remember him telling me was to make sure I remembered that your mind creates your reality and he was pointing to his head. Little did I know, years later, affirmations would become a powerful energetic tool for my ability to create my own reality. So much of our reality is how we feel, so to be able to alter how we feel is to alter our own reality. After the lessons with the old man, I remembered my initial intention to go see another world, I then made this announcement with clear focus. At this moment a divine womanly figure came from the ceiling of the cabin and grabbed my hand, took me out of the space and into the clouds. The next thing I realize I'm seemingly thousands of feet above the Earth. The only difference was there was no sound and no feeling of gravity, I felt very very light. I was flying on top of what seemed to be an airplane and then I got a phone call, I answered this call and rolled off of the plane. I dove straight down and as I descended I was shedding more and more of my dream body until I became nothing. For a brief moment or two I existed as pure unadulterated awareness, devoid of ego, gravity, earthly vibrations, language, just purity of being. When I reached this climax of sensation the dreamscape in front of me began to shift and I seemed to be implanted into this organic pulsating geometric world completing my goal.


My dreaming practices waned after this experience and it wasn't until January 17, 2014 that I would have my initial spiritual awakening, as mentioned in the beginning of this blog post. Approximately a month and a half before this date I begun picking up my dreaming practices again. On January 17th,  I was conducting a meditation in which I had induced a form of sleep paralysis while still being conscious. When I shifted my awareness to my forehead, after going through my whole body, this pressure released and I began to see the indigo waves pulse from my forehead. The indigo waves formed a focal point in which a white tunnel began to appear within the middle point of the indigo waves. As this white tunnel got bigger I began to feel my body slowly lift upwards. As I began creating more distance from my body the meditation got stronger and stronger.  I know now this was my first time experiencing higher dimensional energy. This energy increases experience and slows down time to a point in the present moment.The vibration and sensations alone carry enormous amounts of wisdom and knowledge merely through the experience itself. The experience is beyond the frequency of thought and language. Through this experience, I became forever connected to a process known as Ascension. Afterward, my main goal and drive was to figure out what I had just initiated and how to replicate this process. This led me down the path of awakening to higher truths, new understandings, and effectively the re-connection to the creative infinite potential of the Universe. Since then my goal has been to teach the ways I've learned so we can reduce the unnecessary pain and suffering so many of us feel in life. A simple shift in awareness or change of perception can lead us inwards towards a path of infinite acceptance, love, simplicity, and harmony.