Evolution of my healing style

Out of all of the topics, themes, and concepts I've learned to understand, the most difficult to describe has been the style of my healing.


Time and time again people asked me what type of healing do you do?


I almost always hesitate because there's so much I want to say, but never having the right words to do so. I never know where to begin because my healing style encompasss so many different techniques and applications. It wasn't always so difficult to describe my technique but the more I followed the path more challenging it became.


The concept of energy healing or energy exchange happened very quickly after my spiritual awakening. I was almost immediately greeted by the angelic community and became instantly sensitive to these new frequencies. The Angels began working with me and allowing me to connect to higher states of consciousness that are outside of the average range of sensation that humanity perceives.


I owe so much to the angelic community for keeping me in alignment and teaching me the first steps towards connecting to others. Till this day, some of my experiences from this time cannot be matched because they were so majestic, transcendental, and mysterious. During this stage I was beginning to lay hands on people for energy healing. I was vaguely aware of Reiki energy healing at the time.  A peer of mine recommended I get attuned to Reiki but I was a bit uncertain because, to me, I already was forging the trail towards my healing career. As I progressed through the Reiki attunements I was learning concepts and having pivotal experiences that would lay the foundation to how my style would evolve.


When I first began Reiki I took to it very quickly. I received my master attunement and was healing professionally within one year of practice. As I began healing professionally, I rapidly became curious to discover more techniques that would yield the most effective outcomes. This questioning was the basis for how I began to evolve my own style and understanding of what it means to embody the necessary vibration to cause change in others. During this time I would alternate using the Reiki symbols and what is known as the Merkaba meditation. Every healing session scheduled, I would leave time to meditate beforehand to get my vibration as high as I could in preparation. (Very similar to going to the gym and warming up before you start doing your first heavy sets).



Before I go any further I must note that maintaining a high vibration is only one piece of the puzzle towards becoming a powerful healer. For me personally, getting a high vibration was the easiest part of the equation. The hardest part is the inner work of integrating shadows into light.


In my quest to become the most effective healer, I was also coming into another important topic of healing. The concepts of control and how they related to the direction of the healing were now becoming important. It seemed as if the more I controlled the less I was working in the highest good of the healing recipient. The more I let go of control the more I seem to observe and catalyze in the individual. This was a confusing time in my healing career. How is it that the less I controlled, the more effective I became?


As I formed these questions in my mind, I was also getting attuned to the higher powers of the individuals I was working on. I discovered that the higher powers of the individual were in full control of what the individual was to experience. More accurately to say, the higher power allowed catalysts to occur in the individual’s energy field.  These energetic catalysts would ultimately be in alignment with the individuals desired earth lifetime experience. Connecting beyond the egoic traits of the individual and to the higher power became of the most important milestones to my healing career.


The ability to learn the language of the higher power effectively propelled my intuitive knowing to follow the direction of that particular guidance. Thus creating change in the necessary energy centers. Another crucial aspect was, this connection to the higher power kept all healing experiences in alignment with the highest outcome for the individual.


As I progressed with this style of healing I began to see that I was now dealing with the language of how souls ascend on earth.


This new understanding of connection and how we evolve seemed to be the fabric to which all healing modalities stemmed from. In regards to healing modalities, more emphasis should be placed on the mechanics that allow modalities to affect change rather than just emphasis on learning the specific modality. What allows any connection or modality to work more effectively than another? This is where the discipline and wisdom of the healer comes into play.


In short I can say the more the healer knows himself or herself the more successful they will be on their healing path.

As my healing style was in full blossom another concept was growing in importance: the significance of one's ability to hold a clear mind when they invoke their intention to begin a healing session. There will be ceiling to the level of catalysts one can provide if the healer can't go beyond their frequency of thinking. The ability to have clarity to allow their creation to manifest is what allows all energy workers to be successful. As clarity grows the next important dynamic begins to develop.


The power of a healer is held together by the strength of which they serve humanity.


IMG_4243 2.jpg

In the healing context the dimension of service is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. To be in service of others, is one of the most selfless energies one can embody. The betterment of humanity can be reached through each individual served. Understanding this wisdom has guided me towards having most effective form of healing there can be.  

Liberated Heart Costa Rica Retreat 2018

I didn't know what to expect from my first trip to Costa Rica. I had consciously released any expectations I was building to allow a full unbiased experience to develop. My partners, Alana Roach and Alana Quattro, and I began working on our curriculum for the retreat months prior. As we began planning our material everything seemed to come together so fluidly. As I looked at the days we had planned there were underlying themes of transformation, collaboration, and guidance; I felt eager to see how it would all unfold. I could not have been happier with how the retreat went. Each day's theme would build upon the following day creating a constant direction of development and reflection.

I'm still very new to traveling, so I still get a bit anxious as the time to board the plane gets closer. Getting on a plane and flying is one of the fastest ways to see how grounded and secure you are.  It seemed like the further I got away from Northern Virginia the more I realized I had placed different parts of my security in forms of materialism.  Once we are stripped of those cords we get to see what really makes us secure or insecure. When I finally landed in Costa Rica, I was emotionally drained and very tired. 

The next morning it didn't take long for me to appreciate where I was and start to take in the beauty of everything.  After I had jumped into the ocean and meditated for a bit I began to feel the slow pace and the lightness of the area kick in. I also started to realize just how dense and thick the energetic atmosphere of Northern Virginia is. Just being away from home was beginning to feel better and better. We were on the coastline of Montezuma, Costa Rica in a resort that's right on the border of the jungle; lush greenery, tropical flowers, and the sound of the ocean crashing was always part of our new surroundings. The way in which the sunlight reflected off the ocean was one of the highlights of the trip for me.  The picturesque scene was stunning, mesmerizing, calming and utterly peaceful to gaze at.

Costa Rica Yoga retreat 2019.jpg

Every morning, the group and I walked about two blocks down the lone dirt road to a hotel café that would serve us breakfast every morning. We would all eat a bowl of fresh mixed fruit accompanied by a glass of fresh juice and something off of the menu including omelettes, eggs, toast, or some other breakfast food. Since I'm vegan I would have a peanut butter and banana sandwich. The café where we were sitting was exposed with the ceiling being the hotel above us. We would have the wind blowing through, tropical birds and flowers all around us. The most beautiful part was being able to see the ocean from where we were eating. It was one of the best views I've had for eating breakfast. After everyone was finished eating we would have a few hours of free time before the first workshop at 2 PM. At times I would go to the ocean, sit in a hammock, or just meditate and relax.

Before 2 PM, Alana Quattro and I would meet up and go over the day's workshop, discussing what we wanted to accomplish with everyone. On the first day, it was very important to get everyone cleared from the stress of travel so they could form a proper and meaningful intention for the week. I thought it would be perfect to highlight the benefits and proper process of clearing one's energy; we did this in a few different ways I have learned through my healing practice. After we had everyone cleared and relaxed Alana discussed what the meaning of Sankulpa is.  Sankulpa is the Sanskrit word for meaningful intention formed by the heart. Everyone was able to journal about the goals they wished to accomplish and set their intentions for the week.

The next day I wanted to discuss the importance and my understanding of ways our shadow comes to the surface. Knowing that traveling can bring up insecurities, it's best to address these issues head on. Understanding that these insecurities our actually providing us with crucial opportunities to grow. These shadows provide us with direction and insight which can lead us to reclaiming more of our power. This workshop was important because it revealed deeper aspects of our subconscious. When we address the sometimes difficult or challenging emotions in ourselves; understanding can occur and then healing can begin its process. Once understanding is met about a particular shadow behavior or issue, we can then integrate this energy through positive affirmations and self acceptance. The challenges of this workshop allowed us to have a positive propulsion towards integration. The ultimate goal of addressing the shadow self is that each shadow integrated allows us to liberate the heart. The heart has its own ways of understanding and perceiving which can lead us to a state of harmony.

costa rica yoga retreat 2019.jpg

Another aspect of the trip I was really grateful for was getting up at 6:30 every morning for yoga.  Yoga this early for me was peaceful, beautiful, and exactly what my body needed. The yoga sessions were beautifully led by Alana Roach. She's a powerful speaker and guide which kept us all on the same page as we were led through the poses. Her thought out yoga classes were also intertwined with the themes Alana Quattro and I were teaching about that day. There was a variety of different types of yoga and meditation for all levels of practitioners. I couldn't have been happier with how amazing the yoga was. As we made new understandings in the workshops and released thought patterns the yoga every morning would help create new space for our power to flow through. The yoga was essentially what strengthened us every day and allowed this new power to become active.

After every workshop we would have a few hours before dinner at 6:30 PM. I was a little worried about dinner because of my dietary restrictions being vegan. Little did I know, I was going to be eating better than I would as if I was in the States! We ate at a restaurant that had been voted one of the top restaurants in the country. The restaurant was just a three or four minute walk down the road every night. Upon entering the restaurant you walk through a gate, pass big palm trees in lush foliage as you wound your way around the back of the building. Nearing the enclosure, you could hear the ocean and see the first tables that were facing the water. The ocean was maybe 200-300 yards away, possibly closer. The ground was sand and the tables wood, candles supplying the light for the evening; it really was a magical environment to be eating in every night. Not only were they able to prepare specially made vegan meals for me but they even went as far as to making sure I had my own vegan appetizers as well. They went above and beyond accommodating everyone's need, not just myself. During dinner we all had the chance to get to know each other a little more and we all sat in different seats each night so we could enjoy everyone's company. 

 After dinner, we would have a few hours to chat or to walk into town which was only a five or ten minute walk. There was a grocery store that seemed to have everything you could need including fresh vegetables, water, and all types of snacks. There were street vendors selling handcrafted jewelry and other items and all the locals were really nice and didn't come off as too pushy. On some trips I've been on, the vendors can come off as aggressive but that wasn't the case here in Costa Rica. All of us agreed that we felt safe walking around the small town. On Thursday, everyone had an open day to go on any excursions that they had interested them. A few of us went to what's known as Tortuga Island. It was a 45 minute boat ride to this island where we went snorkeling for an hour, then met on the beach and had a fresh meal prepared for us. Following that, we relaxed in the sun for a few hours. There was even a domesticated boar that would walk around and plop down next to groups of people awaiting the inevitable affection everyone would bestow upon her. She was so sweet and would even start shaking her leg if you scratched her belly.

costa rica yoga retreat meditation.jpg

As the trip was winding down, I was coming to the reality that I would be back home soon. It's so important for people to travel when they can to feel the different paces of life throughout the world. It provides reflection, insight, and realization to who we are and how we identify ourselves. Identity and security are some of the most important aspects of our consciousness. Security is the root and foundation of all our other forms of consciousness including joy and happiness, mental clarity, how we relate to others, how we express ourselves, and ultimately the divinity inside ourselves.

Alana Roach and Alana Quattro and I are already thinking of how we can make this trip even better for next year. Developing even stronger catalysts for growth and development while seamlessly flowing from theme to theme. I can't wait to have more of my family and friends join me for next year because rest assured, you'll be a changed person glowing brighter than you were before.  Costa Rica is a beautiful  part of the world that I would love to share with everyone.


Lucid Dreaming and My Spiritual Awakening

Many know me for my healing gifts and techniques, workshops, work with crystals, and lectures. Before I developed these abilities, I had an initial interest in lucid dreaming, which led me to my spiritual awakening.  This is the story of my awakening and a few memorable experiences that propelled me on my path. 

My spiritual awakening was spectacular like the finale of a fireworks show; a large release of pressure from my forehead followed by pulses of rhythmic geometric indigo waves. As I followed these waves I began my first out of body experience. Leading up to this moment, I had taken approximately a year and a half off from my lucid dreaming practices, which at the time, were my only association to spiritual growth. In my early 20's, I began teaching myself the art of lucid dreaming after reading a book by the author, Carlos Castaneda. I systematically followed the prescription he gave to becoming lucid in the dream state. It was a slow beginning but after a few years of practice I began developing adequate control and lucidity in the dream state. Before I knew it I could fly on command, change the dream scenery, make objects levitate, and manifest objects with the power of my will. This consequently lead me to the deeper dynamics of my understanding of life and reality.


During the peak of my lucid dreaming abilities I was approximately 26 years old and was having a lucid dream once or twice a week while also maintaining vivid dreams every night. Many of my lucid dreams occurred after I had woken up and went back to bed. One experience in particular was very powerful and I still think about to this day. I had gotten up to use the restroom and then went back to bed immediately and was propelled into a lucid dream. There was no lapse of consciousness from closing my eyes to transitioning into the dream state. I remember going through a vortex almost as if I was catapulted through a wormhole at lightspeed. As I was in the dream state I went through three long cycles of dream experiences, which ended up being the emotional equivalent to my experiences I would have many years later in waking reality. During this lucid dream I felt I was locked in to lucidity and there was no way to fallout of this conscious state. Towards the end of the dream I was adamantly trying to exit the dreamscape. Such an enormous amount of time had gone by I started to question my physical body's well-being. My body could have desperately needed my awareness to return but I felt far removed from being anywhere close to waking reality. I exited the dream by trying to jump off of a structure to induce some form of adrenaline, which usually would end a dream in normal dreaming circumstances. When I woke up from this dream I checked the time, I had been in the dream for 90 minutes, approximately one full sleep cycle. Many of my lucid dreaming experiences seemed like minutes let alone an entire sleep cycle. It felt like two months had gone by when I was finally up and moving around, needless to say, I took a small reprieve from my dreaming practices to integrate an experience so extensive.


My most memorable dreaming experience came approximately a year and a half later. I had been developing a list of goals I wished to accomplish in the dreamscape. Some were as simple as flying off a cliff, experiencing unconditional love, or moving objects with my mind.  The one goal I eagerly wished to accomplish in my dreaming practices was to go see another world. This task eluded me for some time but I was confident I would complete it. Many times when you become lucid you only have brief moments to use your normal thought process to announce your intention. During this particular dream, I remembered to announce my intention to the dreamscape. I had been flying through this mountainous coastline and came upon a cabin. I landed in the cabin and found myself sitting on the floor listening to an old man talk to me about lessons and wisdom of life. The only thing I remember him telling me was to make sure I remembered that your mind creates your reality and he was pointing to his head. Little did I know, years later, affirmations would become a powerful energetic tool for my ability to create my own reality. So much of our reality is how we feel, so to be able to alter how we feel is to alter our own reality. After the lessons with the old man, I remembered my initial intention to go see another world, I then made this announcement with clear focus. At this moment a divine womanly figure came from the ceiling of the cabin and grabbed my hand, took me out of the space and into the clouds. The next thing I realize I'm seemingly thousands of feet above the Earth. The only difference was there was no sound and no feeling of gravity, I felt very very light. I was flying on top of what seemed to be an airplane and then I got a phone call, I answered this call and rolled off of the plane. I dove straight down and as I descended I was shedding more and more of my dream body until I became nothing. For a brief moment or two I existed as pure unadulterated awareness, devoid of ego, gravity, earthly vibrations, language, just purity of being. When I reached this climax of sensation the dreamscape in front of me began to shift and I seemed to be implanted into this organic pulsating geometric world completing my goal.


My dreaming practices waned after this experience and it wasn't until January 17, 2014 that I would have my initial spiritual awakening, as mentioned in the beginning of this blog post. Approximately a month and a half before this date I begun picking up my dreaming practices again. On January 17th,  I was conducting a meditation in which I had induced a form of sleep paralysis while still being conscious. When I shifted my awareness to my forehead, after going through my whole body, this pressure released and I began to see the indigo waves pulse from my forehead. The indigo waves formed a focal point in which a white tunnel began to appear within the middle point of the indigo waves. As this white tunnel got bigger I began to feel my body slowly lift upwards. As I began creating more distance from my body the meditation got stronger and stronger.  I know now this was my first time experiencing higher dimensional energy. This energy increases experience and slows down time to a point in the present moment.The vibration and sensations alone carry enormous amounts of wisdom and knowledge merely through the experience itself. The experience is beyond the frequency of thought and language. Through this experience, I became forever connected to a process known as Ascension. Afterward, my main goal and drive was to figure out what I had just initiated and how to replicate this process. This led me down the path of awakening to higher truths, new understandings, and effectively the re-connection to the creative infinite potential of the Universe. Since then my goal has been to teach the ways I've learned so we can reduce the unnecessary pain and suffering so many of us feel in life. A simple shift in awareness or change of perception can lead us inwards towards a path of infinite acceptance, love, simplicity, and harmony.