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 Joseph’s specific goal is to help elevate human minds in a clear and concise way.  There are so many teachers in our world today and with them come so many different processes, leaving room for confusion.  What is the true way? Is there an actual method to this reality? Through Joseph's direct experiences with the divine he answers these questions and provides a clear means of understanding how he uncovered the dynamics of this reality.  


Through Joseph Adams Healing Ascension School you will learn the must know elements of rapid spiritual evolution and the concepts that must be understood to keep you from the never ending loops of karma. Love is the answer; how love relates to our existence is the question.

Registration happening now!   Email josephadamshealing@gmail.com

Registration ends February 1st, 2020. First week lecture begins on February 4th, 2020.

Deposit of $155 due by February 1st.

Option to pay in Full or monthly payments .

Recurring payments will begin February 16th, March 16, and last payment on April 16th.

Full tuition equals a deposit of ($155) plus 3 payments of $155 for a total of $620.

**Financial assistance available**

Lecture series final Lecture will be May 19th, 2019.

There will be Monthly distance healing group connections. TBD

Paypal address: adamsjl33@gmail.com

Venmo: Josephadamshealing

Email for other forms of payment.

All Lectures will begin at 7:30pm Eastern Time

Schedule of lectures:

Week1-Emotional keys to ascension

Week2-Foundations of Crystals

Weeks3-Lucid Dreaming

Week4-Healing the Shadow

Week5-Higher power and the collective consciousness

Week6-Empath and the Narcissist

Week7-Sexual energy transfer and dynamics

Week8-Meditation techniques

Week9-Physical body practices

Week10-Kundalini rising

Week11-Dark entities and service to self

Week12-Distance Connection practice and techniques


Week14-Higher consciousness- Et’s, Angels, and Masters


Week16-Advanced Healing practices and acupressure

***Lecture order and content are subject to change***